Friday, December 17, 2010

Video Fridays: THE GREEN HORNET in "Bad Bet on a 459-Silent"

Continuing our weekly feature "Video Fridays"...
One of the problems pretending to be a criminal, as The Green Hornet does, is that you're as likely to be wounded or killed by police as by criminals!
That's exactly what happens here!
Investigating the possibility that crooked police are looting crime scenes before their honest comrades show up, the Hornet is caught escaping from a break-in location, and shot by legitimately-responding cops. ("459-Silent" is police code in this city for a silent burglar alarm.)
He escapes, wounded, but can't go to a hospital since there's an all-points-bulletin out for a wounded Green Hornet, and even the Sentinel's respected publisher would be hard-pressed to explain how he had a gunshot wound in exactly the same spot on his body where the legendary verdant villain was shot! (Plus, the bullet could be forensically-matched to the gun of the policeman who shot the Hornet!)
How will Britt and Kato...
1) Get medical treatment for the wounded hero while avoiding connecting Reid and the Hornet, and having CSIs expose the incriminating evidence (the bullet)?
2) Solve the problem of the criminally-inclined cops, and save Mike Axford, who thinks the Hornet is responsible for the robberies, and plans to trap the wounded criminal, not knowing that crooked cops, who won't hesitate to kill, are behind the break-ins?
The answer to #1 is rather ingenious, and solving #2 is made more difficult since Britt is almost-incapacitated and barely functioning! (Thank God for Kato!)
Tune in below for the exciting answers...
Side Notes:
More day-for-night photography, which on this particular print is a little too light.
Since the episode involves break-ins at warehouses, a couple of 20th Century-Fox soundstage exteriors are used for the outside of the two different warehouses, but only one soundstage interior (redressed) is used for both interiors. (The Batman tv series used the same exteriors for their "warehouse" and "alley" shots.)
Here's the 21st filmed and aired episode..."Bad Bet on a 459-Silent".

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