Saturday, October 2, 2010

How Do You Spell "Adventure"? H-A-Z-Z-A-R-D!!!

Mentioning Airstrip 27 in my recent Green Lama post reminded me of their first revamping of a 1930s-40s pulp character...Captain Hazzard!
An interesting combination of elements from already-established characters: wealthy globe-trotting adventurer with team of aides (Doc Savage or Avenger), training in para-psychic abilities (Green Lama or Shadow) and tendency to kill opponents (Shadow or Spider); Hazzard (he doesn't have a first name as far as I can tell) can also communicate telepathically with his men and senses danger with a forerunner of Spider-Sense, due to the fact he was blinded, sharpened his senses, and then had his eyesight restored thru an experimental procedure, but kept the hightened abilities (Black Bat)!
He faced the "Python Men of Lost City", and...well, that's it!
He only made one appearance!
There was no second issue!
Pity, since he had a lot of potential.
At least he left behind a cool cover, which we've digitally-restored and remastered onto a plethora of products including shirts, mugs, etc. at Capt Hazzard: Adventurer for those with an Indiana Jones/high adventure yearning!
But that's not the end of the story...
Much like Alex Ross has done with old comics characters in Project SuperPowers, noted writer Ron Fortier is reviving the Capt Hazzard pulp series, both with a rewritten version of the original novel "Python Men of the Lost City" and a series of new novels.
The books are linked below, and they'd make a great gift set in conjunction with any of our Captain Hazzard collectibles!

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