Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Asian Avengers BLACKHAWK "Operation White Dragon" Part 1

...and we'll be returning to his story shortly!
But now, we present the never-reprinted Silver Age tale of The White Dragon...a Zorro-like character leading the local Resistance against the Japanese in World War II-era China!
The story concludes...
Note: writer Bob Haney makes a common mistake!
In China, family names are first, and given names are second.
"Liu Huang" and "Khan Huang" should be "Huang Liu" and "Huang Khan"
And, since "khan" is like "caesar"...a title of it the elder Huang's title or name?
This story from DC's Blackhawk #203 (1964) by Haney, penciler Dick Dillin and inker Chuck Cuidera is radically-different from Chop-Chop's premiere appearance and intro to the Blackhawks in Quality's Military Comics #3 (1941).
DC had a similar problem with it's other characters who had uninterrupted runs from the Golden Age to the Silver Age like Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman.
The creation of Earth-Two, placing the Golden Age versions on a separate world solved most of those problems with the exception of clearly-defining where the Golden Age-related tales ended and where the Silver Age versions began, which varied from character to character.
(It also gave the opportunity for Golden Age and Silver Age versions of the characters to meet!)
BTW, the Quality Comics characters were on Earth-X ((where Nazis won World War II).
The Blackhawks were shown as deceased in DC's Justice League of America #107 (1973), during the annual "Crisis on..." team-up between the Justice League and Justice Society.
So we can take it as given that the post-WWII stories (most featuring Communists) by Quality were part of the Silver Age Blackhawk history.
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