Tuesday, June 30, 2020

CoronaVirus Comics CAPTAIN AMERICA "Attack of the Asthma Monster" Conclusion

...the Asthma Monster attacked a school, using a spray to cause everybody to display symptoms of the medical condition!
The only two people unaffected are two asthmatic students, John and Ruth, who had just taken their meds when the villain attacked!
Captain America, who has yet to encounter the fiend, takes the two eyewitnesses along as he tries to figure out where the criminal will strike next...
Read on, True Believer...
Written by Louise Simonson, penciled by Alex Saviuk, and inked by Fred Fredricks (except the cover which Al Milgrom inked), this never-reprinted 1985 one-shot promotional comic by Marvel and the pharmaceutical company Glaxo spawned a sequel after the Asthma Monster escaped from custody!
You'll see it after we present Hero History's contribution to the annual RetroBlogs Summer Blogathon...
...a never-reprinted multi-part tale of another iconic hero laid low by disease!
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