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Thursday, October 31, 2019

WEREWOLF HUNTER "Priestess of the Spider Death" / "Mistress of the Web"

It's a double-feature Halloween treat...
..with two versions of the same tale, true believers!
The original version of this terrifying tale is from Fiction House's Ranger Comics #15 (1944)!
But, when it was re-presented in Fiction House's Ghost Comics #3 (1952), not only was it partially-redrawn (beginning at page 3) to remove a page of story, it was re-written (from the splash panel onward) as well!
Fiction House did a lot of this sort of editing when reprinting material in the late 1940s since th earlier magazines, like Rangers Comics, were 60 pages, but the later books like Ghost Comics were only 36 pages!
Lily Renee illustrated the original version.
But, judging from the crudeness of the art modifications, she didn't work on the modified reprint!
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