Thursday, October 10, 2019

WEREWOLF HUNTER "Dungeon Dweller of Horror House"

Professor Broussard didn't hunt only werewolves...
...but anything otherworldly that threatened mankind!
We've skipped ahead several issues to show how the series evolved into the Professor going after anything paranormal!
You'll note a new aspect added...volume numbers indicating the stories are from Broussard's journals.
Note the volume numbers don't actually match the number of stories presented!
This tale is "Volume VI", yet it's the fifth tale in the series!
Was an earlier story scrapped?
We'll never know!
This never-reprinted tale from Fiction House's Ranger Comics #12 (1943) presents the change of concept along with a new art team, penciler Saul Rosen and inker Jim Mooney, though the writer using the pen-name "Armand Weygand" remains unknown!
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