Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Dracula the SuperHero "Origin of Fleeta"

...and today he acquires a costumed partner!
Tell you the truth, Fleeta's costume is one of the lamest outfits I've ever seen in comics!
And that includes losers like the X-Men's Angel's 1968 outfit (X-Men #39)...
...which I thought was the dumbest (and least appropriate) costume design in history!
And what the hell is that thing on her head?
How is it supposed to conceal her identity?
Ah, well, what's long done (like 49 years ago) is done.
Can't really blame writer DJ Arneson and artists Bill Fraccio & Tony Tallarico for events in this story from Dell's Dracula #4 (1967).
But we can (and will) continue to make snarky comments about it!
Be here tomorrow for the final Dracula the SuperHero tale...featuring a surprise cameo!

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