Thursday, June 13, 2013

Reading Room: ONE-SHOT HEROES Ferret

Criminals are a cowardly, supersitious lot...
...but even they weren't afraid of this lame character in his only Golden Age appearance!
The writer and artist of this tale from Centaur's Man of War Comics #2 are unknown, and so was this character...until the tail-end of the B/W indie craze in 1992, when Malibu Comics revived a revamped group of Centaur Comics heroes as "The Protectors".
The Ferret was remade into a feral character who looked almost exactly like Marvel's Sabretooth, but was obviously-intended to capitalize on the popularity of Wolverine!
The Protectors ran 20 issues and Ferret starred in a one-shot book that sold well enough to prompt a 10-issue run of his own title.
Not bad for a guy who appeared in only one story before his revival.