Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Reading Room: DOC SAVAGE & THE SHADOW "Case of the Shrieking Skeletons" Part 1A

It's the team-up tale too big for just one blog to host...
..combining the two greatest heroes of the 1930s in a horror-themed story just right for the Halloween season!
And who would know more about shadows...than Lamont Cranston?
The tale continues tomorrow, at our "brother" blog Crime & Punishment™!
This never-reprinted tale from Dark Horse's The Shadow & Doc Savage #1 (1995) came out just as the ill-fated Shadow movie starring Alec Baldwin hit movie theaters.
Written by Steve Vance, penciled by Stan Manoukian, and inked by Vince Roucher, it's actually a pretty good combo of the two series' characters and storytelling styles.

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