Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Reading Room: BLUE BEETLE "His First Case" Conclusion

Despite a rough upbringing in the slums, including the death of his mother during an epidemic, Dan Garret becomes a scholarship student at State University, not only making Honor Roll, but becoming a letterman at several sports as well.
During his senior year, he receives word that his policeman father has been shot and badly-wounded...
This tale from Fox's Blue Beetle #1 (1939) was written and laid-out by Will Eisner (yes, that Will Eisner) and illustrated by Charles Nicholas Wojtkoski, who later used the name "Charles Nicholas" for his comic work until he retired.
You'll note there's no explanation of how or when Dan developed the Blue Beetle identity or costume.
And, following this tale in the first issue of his own book, are reprints of Blue Beetle's first few appearances from Mystery Men Comics, including his premiere, which featured him in a radically-different costume!

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