Saturday, July 14, 2012

Reading Room: WOLFF "Path of the Dead"

The "barbarian in a post-apocalyptic future Earth" concept is a popular one...
...from Teenage Caveman to BlackMark to ClawFang to Kamandi to Killraven to Planet of the Apes (Yes, PotA qualifies) to Thundarr to Yor: Hunter from the Future, scantly-clad heroes using primitive weapons against super-science and/or sorcery in a devastated world has proven to be a popular trope in various media.
Written by Luis Gasca (under the pen-name "Sadko") & Esteban Maroto, illustrated by Maroto.
Published in England in Dracula (1971), a 12-issue partworks magazine* by New English Library, the first 6 tales made their American debut in Warren Publishing's HTF Dracula TPB in 1972 which reprinted #1-#6 of the British Dracula's run.
The remaining tales from #7-#12 have never been published in the US.
We will be presenting the complete Wolff strip on this blog over the next few months.
Watch for it!
*Partworks magazines are a limited series issued from weekly, fortnightly, or monthly.
They usually run 12-24 issues for each volume.
When the final issue in a volume is published, the publishers offer a wraparound cover to make the complete set into a hardbound book. 
The buyer is offered the option to bind the magazines themselves or send the set to the publisher who professionally-binds the mags and sends the bound volume back to the customer.
This concept is extremely popular in Europe, but has never caught on in America, despite numerous attempts.

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