Friday, May 25, 2012

Reading Room: PHANTOM LADY "Success is No Accident"

For the final time, if the story seems familiar...'s because this is yet another re-write of a story of the Fox Comics version of Phantom Lady published several years earlier!
Both ironically and appropriately, this final Phantom Lady tale in Wonder Boy #18 (1955) is based on a story that appeared, not in Phantom Lady, but All Top Comics #9 (1948), entitled "Killer Clown".
This is the final Golden Age Phantom Lady tale on this blog, but it's not the last one in our archives!
There's one more tale, from Phantom Lady #22 (1948), featuring our heroine at the 1948 London Olympics!
It'll appear in our new "sister" blog, Heroines™, when the Olympics open on July 27th!

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