Friday, April 20, 2012

Reading Room: PHANTOM LADY "Television Spies" 2.0

We've seen a story originally published with a different heroine... here's a totally-redrawn version of a previous Phantom Lady tale!
In the original 1948 version of this tale, the tv images were in full glorious color, and television was just beginning to enter American households, so few people had actually seen a tv screen!
But, by the time of this story in Phantom Lady #3 (1955), almost half the households in America had tvs, but they were almost all b/w sets.
As a result, the tv screens shown in this version of the story were b/w, the way most Americans experienced video.
The artist (or artists) of this tale are unknown, but the writer is probably editor Ruth Roche, as usual.

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  1. Wonder if the main villain was a template for the future Kingpin for Marvel?

    Great Phantom Lady as usual,