Friday, March 2, 2012

Reading Room: PHANTOM LADY "Mystery of the Monkey Cult"

 It's been over fifty years since this story was first published...
...and we're still almost at war with North Korea, as shown in Phantom Lady's final Fox Comics appearance!
Credits for this tale from All Top Comics #17 (1949) are: script probably by Ruth Roche, pencils by Matt Baker, and inks by Baker and another artist.
Though All Top Comics went on for one more issue, this was Phantom Lady's last appearance in the Fox Comics line, which folded only a couple of months later.
One Phantom Lady reprint appeared in, of all titles, Jungle Thrills, published by Star Publications, in 1952.
In 1954, Ajax/Farrell published a Phantom Lady title featuring new stories, also by Iger Studios, who packaged the earlier Fox Comics books.
While Ruth Roche continued to edit (and probably write) the strips, Matt Baker had moved on to other publishers including St John, and the art was not up to the high standards Baker set.

Next week: the very first Phantom Lady story from Quality Comics' Police Comics #1!
Then, we begin the complete run of the Ajax/Farrell Phantom Lady!

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