Monday, February 20, 2012

Reading Room: JET DREAM "Powder-Puff Derby Caper"

Jet Dream meets up with her evil counterpart...
...and can someone tell me why there's always an evil counterpart to a hero/heroine?
This one even has her own team of female assassins...
Raven Red will return!
(And, she's the only villain in this series to do so!)
Script for this tale from Man from U.N.C.L.E. #12 by Dick Wood, art by Joe Certa as he assumed his position as the permanent artist on Jet Dream, except the very next issue, featuring the return of Mike Sekowsky, which we presented on our "sister" blog True Love Comics Tales™.

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  1. As she can escape assassination by a host of armed enemies on their own turf and go on to defeat and capture them all, you wonder why Jet ever needs the rest of her team! Raven Red, her hench girls, and the woman who hired Raven, are the only villainesses to appear in this series.

    It's nice to see Jet take on a woman "arch-criminal" type, with that private island base equipped for large scale villainy and gun toting female goons- it's a pity that the follow up Raven Red appearance is poor compared to this one.