Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Silver Age Green Hornet Comic Art

A few odds-and-ends from the Gold Key Green Hornet Silver Age comic.
The first two were the inside covers for #1, and were probably the proposal pieces submitted to the licensor for approval.
You'll note that the illustrations are of the characters in costumed form.
The next one is from the inside back cover of #3 showing the Hornet's equipment...
The Hornet Sting shown is the original version seen in the pilot and early promo photos.
The later version had a...focusing dish or somesuch on it...
But, the mask shown is the later, molded-to-the-face version, not the one used in the pilot episode and promo photos...
 ...which I think looks kooler and actually hides the wearer's identity better, but limited Van Williams' and Bruce Lee's peripheral vision, potentially making fight scenes hazardous.
BTW, all art was by Dan Spiegle.

Hope you've enjoyed reading them as much as I've enjoyed bringing them to you.
There's much more Golden Age Green Hornet stuff coming up in the Reading Room, so keep an eye on this blog!

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