Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Reading Room: PHANTOM LADY "Vortex of Scoundrels and Scandal!"

Page 1 is the book's 2-color inside cover.
More Matt Baker "good girl" art in the first of three stories from Phantom Lady #14!
When this story was reprinted as the cover feature in Daring Adventures #12, the splash page was left out, because the reprint publisher didn't have the cover printing plates, only the interiors for this issue!
FYI: Covers (on slick paper) and insides (on newsprint) are printed on separate presses and combined later.
Because the splash page was missing, the reprint editor didn't know the original title, and renamed the story "The Great Stamp Robbery"!
The splash page above is blue and black, not four-color, because, until recently, inside covers of comics were either b/w or 2-color, with the second color being either cyan (blue, as in this case) or magenta (pinkish-red).
Since the plates for the cover weren't available, a new cover by Joe Simon was commissioned, which was nowhere as nice as the original Matt Baker cover, and features Sandra Knight's boyfriend Ted being much more heroic than in the actual story!
You can see one of Matt Baker's 1950s romance stories at our sister blog True Love Comics Tales.
For those interested in writer Ruth Roche and / or artist Matt Baker, the books below will be of interest.

featuring goodies emblazoned with cover art that Fredric Wertham railed against in Seduction of the Innocent.

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