Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Reading Room: JAGUAR MAN "Tale of the Tatooed Egg"

Well, that opening caption certainly synopsized all you need to know about our hero, which is convenient, since this is his one and only appearance anywhere!
The byline is "Jack Lane", but since this story is the only credit for him on the Grand Comic Database, I suspect it's a pseudonym for a writer-artist team, probably from the Iger studios, who supplied a lot of Fox Comics' material.
All-Great Comics was a giant-sized (132 pages!) annual for 25¢ from Fox that basically ran anything lying around the offices including one-shots like Jaguar Man and leftover material from other titles like Green Mask.
(There were 30 different stories in this issue!)
Two comments:
Why doesn't his costume have a mask? Does "Steve Lane: lion house keeper" have no acquaintances who might think his sideline a bit...odd if they ran into him as he prowled the streets?
Don't you think Wonder Woman villainess The Cheetah filled out the exact same costume much better?

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  1. Wow what a great comic! I love the art! The name is cool but the costume has something to be desired of. This guy's got quite the vanity, prouncing around in that silly costume and not even cover up his identity with a mask! And I don't suspect those ears put too much fear in man! More like put them off guard by making them pee themselves laughing! And since when do Jaguar fly? They have at least 3 different panels of him bounding through the air Superman style!
    Great Strip Britt! Thanks!