Saturday, May 28, 2011

Reading Room: DOC SAVAGE

John Buscema and Tony DeZuniga
Have NO Fear--Because YOU Demanded It--Doc Savage is HERE!
In fact, the Doc Savage posts have been among the most popular this blog has ever run!
And there's lots more to come...
Material that has not been reprinted/re-presented anywhere else!
Like the color pin-up (from Giant-Sized Doc Savage #1) above and this (from Doc Savage #1)...
Ross Andru and Jim Mooney
and stuff that has only been seen, albeit briefly, on other blogs or websites, but will now be all together on one easy-to-search blog, along with many other pulp-related goodies!

Note: there's lots of currently-available Doc Savage material (pulps, comics, movies, and even radio shows), all well-worth picking up (most of them are in my personal collection), but we'll be showing only the stuff not included in those volumes!

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