Saturday, November 27, 2010

Santa's Elves on Strike!

Well, the Christmas shopping season is more-or-less underway, so we are going to offer you an almost-daily guide to reasonably-priced pop culture collectibles that would make great gifts for the hard-to-please person in your life from now thru Christmas Eve!*

First off...
You think the economic situation is bad now?
Go back 72 years ago, to November 1938 and see...elves were picketing Santa's WorkShop for better pay!
(The cover is dated January, 1939. But it was actually on sale in November, 1938! Publishers used to cover-date comics and pulps two to three months ahead of the actual on-sale date to keep the books on the stands for as long as possible!)
In this case, we proudly present one of our Christmas in the Comics line from our Cool Christmas collection: nine different digitally-remastered comic covers featuring classic characters celebrating Christmas, including The Green Lama, two different SuperSnipe covers, Edison Bell: Boy Inventor, and The Lone Ranger, as well as two long-out-of-print versions of Santa Claus, and a 3-D comic!
Available on a multitude of memorabilia including greeting cards, mugs, hoodies, and other goodies, these pop-art collectibles are NOT available in any brick-and-mortar stores, only on-line thru us!
And don't forget our Santa Claus--the Man Himself, A Christmas Carol starring Scrooge, the Hardly-Abominable SnowMan, and Santa Claus Conquers the Martians lines!
There's something for everyone under the tree at
Atomic Kommie Comics™!

* Note: We will have the occasional interruption for Video Fridays or other such entry.
Old habits die hard...

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