Saturday, April 24, 2010

SuperPowers Saturdays Cometh!

For the next few Saturdays, we're going to re-present the updated designs of the Project SuperPowers characters by Alex Ross along with links to a couple of Squidoo pages of background info and links about the series and characters...
Alex Ross' Project SuperPowers
(featuring characters who've been cover-featured)
Alex Ross' Project SuperPowers Strikes Again!
(featuring the other characters)
Plus a solo page for...
The Classic Captain Future
(Both of them. Click on the link.
You'll see what I mean!)

In addition, you can find Atomic Kommie Comics™ kool kollectibles emblazoned with the ORIGINAL 1940s classic cover art featuring these characters (in alphabetical order)...
Captain Future (aka Zeus)
Cat-Man (was Cat, now Man-Cat)  
& Kitten
Dynamic Man
Fighting Yank
The Flame
HydroMan (now called Hydro)
Major Victory
(in Flag-Draped Heroes) 
The Owl
Silver Streak
(in Solo Heroes)  
The Target & Targeteers
Lost Heroes of the Golden Age of Comics™!
(unfortunately, The Woman in Red was never cover-featured, so there's no goodies featuring her...yet!)

And don't forget to buy the Project SuperPowers comics and collections including Black Terror, Death Defying 'Devil, Masquerade, and Project SuperPowers Volume 2!

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